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Originally Posted by stmoore01 View Post
Well, the BT tool was lying. I tackled the replacing of the T-stat, water pump and the lower temp sensor last night. Project took overall about 3 hours thanks to all the great DIY and other posts on this forum. This is a real PITA and would be fairly easy if you had a lift. No leaks no overheating, just need to check coolant level this morning and re-bleed if necessary.
Thanks for everyone's help and support!!!
Was it lying in terms of the fact that the water pump was working fine,
or the Tsat was bad? I remember when my tstat failed (after investigating)
I got a low coolant warning when I was about to back out the garage, so I
checked and everything was good even the level. No leaks anywhere.
It was only running for like minute before the message popped. I decided
to park it and check it out later.

The BT told me about the tstat. I forgot what the error code was. The pump was
working fine with no codes running at full output when activated. Still no leaks.
So, my conclusion was that when you get a low coolant warning with no visible
leaks anywhere, the tstat failed. When you get a "Pull over and shutdown NOW"
type of message your pump has failed. And of course any leaks that are visible
should be addressed immediately because it will eventually lead to a low
coolant warning by way of the reservior getting low. Change your coolant
NLT every 70,000 with the approved fluid and all should be fine.
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