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Well I made a little progress this week. The correct ECU arrived so that can sit in the growing parts pile. I ordered an engine stand that should be here this week. Got in the gas pedal so drive by wire is all set. Two issues I want to address while the engine is out of the car. The first is the bottom end. I have decided to road trip to Florida and take the engine with and have Randy Forbes replace the bearings and look over the bottom end. I also want to adjust the valves and I will do that myself. Two great videos on youtube on how to measure and how to replace the valve shims. This job does not look hard and with the engine out should be relatively easy although time consuming. The issue with this is the kit for the shims will set you back @$400. In most cases you can get the kit and resell after you are done. I am going to attack this a little different and if you have the time this might be an option. You can order the shims from various places for $4 a piece. Here is what the kit looks like. You get 6 of each size shim.
Basics of this project are:
Remove valve cover
Measure rocker arm clearance
Specs on intake between .007 and .009 inch
Specs on exhaust between .0011 and .0013 inch
If out of spec pull clip and slide rocker out of way and remove shim with magnet tool
Measure shim thickness and replace with proper shim to bring back to spec
Re assemble rocker and and measure again.
S54 loves this so I will do the measuring next weekend and report back.

I wanted to see what I have here so as part of the project I wanted to remove the plugs and see what they looked like. I think they looked okay. I have no idea how long this engine has sat.

Wanted to get the oil out so I used a small syphon set up. 10w 60 took forever but the pan is pretty dry until I can get it off. I also shot some fogging oil in the cylinders and turned over the engine a few times just to limit rust in the cylinders. Wanted to get the air box off and getting the clamps off the throttle bodies was a pain in the ass. Checked the threads on the back side of the engine, block and flywheel and cleaned them out with a little pb and a thread chaser.

Block threads will be used for engine stand. M12 X 1.75
Flywheel bolts are M12 X 1.5

Plans for next week are to drop the pan and make sure everything is clean and dry for bearing replacement and measure the clearance on the valves. Gloves did a good job of covering up the exposed tb and removing a motor mount allowed me to roll the engine so I could get at the clamps. Pulled the oil filter housing and power steering along with the ac.

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