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I am so excited, I can hardly stand it. Help me kill time with answers to ?'s.

Wow, I just signed the papers for my new car and the wait is going to pretty much do me in unless I go into a 2 month deep sleep. I had to special order the config I wanted. I have been on the BMW site looking at all the features of my 2013 750i all day today. And it's only day 1. UGH

Can I ask a few questions to help me pass the time and understand what I am getting?

1) For those of you who have special ordered, how long does it take to get the car? They are saying 8-12 weeks but I really need more detail than that! I am getting my production number tonight hopefull for the order. Will it give me a more specific date? Will it get here before Xmas? I got the 750i with Msport and the Executive package and the B&O system. No other extras.

2) How do you enter destinations into the nav while driving using a cursor? Is that possible? We have a touch screen on our car now and it's easy to just scroll ahead on the map and enter a destination as we drive down the freeway. But I didn't see any "freeform" way of using the map. I am assuming this is possible? Can I search POI while driving and enter those (like a Starbucks or gas station) easily? Or is it a pain?

3) Is anyone using the new dictation feature to send emails? Or is it really inaccurate and silly? I sometimes spend a LOT of time in the car in traffic so this would be nice. Is it possible to do this while driving or will it lock me out?

4) Do I pay for the traffic info after a certain time? How much is it? I know the XM radio is free for a year.

5) How often will I need to change break pads and tires for normal wear and tear? Does the 0 maintenance program cover brakes? I know it doesn't the tires...

Thank you so much for putting up with me. K

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