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Originally Posted by chansta View Post
all im trying to do is help. i honestly dont believe that you used a amp clamp to measure current draw considering you specifically stated manufacturer directions on how to read parasitic draw and you also stated that you put your "ammeter" in series.

also i never said to knock on the starter motor. i said to jump the terminals to bypass solenoid and apply direct battery power to the starter. you can use a flash light and see where the terminals are from the top of the engine.

no hard feelings here best of luck to you.

Chan I really appreciate your help since I'm green on the repair dept and anxious to learn. You have given me excellent suggestions which i have applied. The knocking the starter was not suggested by you but I have done that in american cars and sometimes work.
I did connected the Ammeter in series to measure ma parasitic currents as well as the hook on. Acyually there is a diy in the net for measuring parasitic currents where i got the idea.
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