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Cool I was in the same situation last month...

Out of nothing, i went to Mercedes to ask for the SLK200. The sales guy offered me a drive test, and i loooooved the car. Smooth ride, comfortable, awesome.
I was almost certain that i would get that one, until a friend (and my gf too) told me to hold and watch the "alternatives". Tried the Boxster, TT, and a Jaguar. I left the Z4 last, because i didn't like the look of it. (but it happens that i only knew the old soft-top model).
The new Z4 was not there, so they offered me a drive test of a series 3 (M package). I loved it. So much, i almost forgot the SLK.
A couple of days later, they had the Z4, and invited me to drive it... I loved it even more.

In the end, i got the Z4 and i love it. And these are the points i looked to choose it (and why i left the others aside):

- It has free mantenaince over 2 years. Boxster has few shops here, and is way too expensive to mantain (same goes for the Jag).
- The TT is a great car. But the service was AWFUL. I had to look for someone to assist me, and the one who did, just handed me a couple of BAD photocopies and thats it. Both Mercedes and BMW, gave me a handfull of full color catalogues with plenty of info. (a little too much xD). Some friends told me afterservice was even worse.
- The SLK has a decent acceleration, and is enjoyable to drive. However, the Z4 has superb acceleration, and is awesome to drive. When i need to pass a slow car on a high speed way, its just fast. The SLK felt heavy and slow to recover.
- The Z4 is a looker. Everyone takes a look at the car. I have got compliments on it while driving top down. The SLK is nice looking too, but people don't look so amazed.
- I don't like Porsche's. Their line, rounded shapes, headlights, i don't know. Cannot get to like them. But it is a great car nonetheless.
- Friends a gf, said that the SLK is nice car, but from the front looks weird. Too low, and too "old guy" looking.
- My Z4 has the M package. Its a little stiffer and you can feel more bumps than the SLK. But in the end, it isn't that deal-breaker. It's a real fun drive.

This were some of my thoughts before taking the decision. Please go and drive your alternatives. In the end of the day, it only matters how you like driving it.

( BTW, i just registered in the forum. I will introduce myself and post pictures of my Z4 soon )
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