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Just reading all this made me nervous and although I was thrilled to get my stage 3 upgrade on my 2011 750I X M Sport it did take my NY dealer 8 days with the car and a whole bunch of problems with Dinan having to send them a different cable (3 days) and software updates had to be rewritten by Dinan because for some reason my car wasn't reading the program. After all that time I was prepared for the worst and to boot I called them at 4 PM on a Friday with no hope that it would be ready again but surprisingly got the we were just about to call you BS. Never the less I made it there with my Enterprise loaner, They had no BMW's when I dropped off and they had me sporting a Chrysler 200 for the week, I got there about 6P.M. and my service manager was waiting for me and was not in a rush and said lets go for a ride before asking for a dime. From the second that I hit the gas it was love at first full gas pedal press. The car preformed like it never did before. I was in love with the extra power although I was driving very aggressive and the service manager was digging it but looked a little nervous at times. I did overshoot a few driveways, I may have to look into a brake upgrade to handle the heavy speedster, a Brembo picture flashed through my mind where all I could see where Red Calipers against my black car and I have to admit it looked good in my mind. Anyway after almost a half hour of driving like a complete speed demon I said the car was worth the wait and passed with flying colors and gave a sincere thank you, I paid my bill complete with 15% off and heard a low rumble from the new exhaust and plenty of power was waiting for me ready to go home in the service area now deserted by almost everyone that night and those remaining few were all going out of their way saying how great the car sounded and I could tell I was the talk of that department at least for that day. I have to admit it felt nice being he guy with the loaded 7 series who was nuts enough to go for it. When I arrived home after the 30 minute drive that took a good hour with all the shortcuts I avoided on purpose I downloaded a stopwatch on my I phone and was off for the test. The first few 0-60 tries I have to admit I hit the buttons on the phone wrong because i wasn't looking and got some bad times but they were all under 5 seconds but once i got the hang of the new app I hit 4.3 and 4.2 seconds respectively and was now sure everything was worth the wait. I went through a half a tank in 70 miles that night but it was nothing but a breath taking blast. I don't regret it for a second and have no buyers remorse. With 27000 miles left on my 4/50k warranty and another 2 years/ unlimited miles bumper to bumper coverage on the new Cornerstone program I took I felt great and again drove off with a loud throaty rumble into the darkness and I must say I felt even better with the first Vette I took down but that had a lot to do because of my ability to take a few more chances on a busy parkway then him and then again when I outright beat the new Camaro leaving him with a look of "what was that" on his face was all I needed to make the whole experience worth every penny. Dinan has no way for me to make 10 points unless I buy new rims which isn't happening so I'll never sport a Dinan badge but I'm good with keeping them wondering.

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