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I live on the PA/NJ border and fuel in NJ where it's generally cheaper. That said, NJ only has full serve. My first full tank, I got fuel at a newly built exxon station. NO problem. The my second tank, I went to the same station and the guy that was there that night must've been new at it or something cause he couldn't get the nozzle in and spewed diesel all over the side of my d and the wheel. The he proceeded to tell me it was full! Well, I most certainly knew it wasn't so I got out and did it myself while he tended to someone else. I had to wiggle it around a bit and even flipped the nozzle vertical (saw another gas attendant do that to my mustang) which man it slid right in when i did that. But it went in all the way! I looked over and got the guy's attention and told him to make sure it's IN the hole next time he tries filling it up. Needless to say, I was just a tad . No problems the next time there.

Same as someone else mentioned at this station.. truck nozzle on one side, car diesel nozzle on the other side. - Green handle for both.

This adapter everyone keeps talking about.. I don't think I have one. My d is a cpo and there's a tool missing in the "trunk" the one in the middle. Is that where the funnel/adapter is supposed to be?
2009 X5 35D

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