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Originally Posted by whazzup View Post
Do I need any special equipment to jack up a BMW? Or is any hydraulic jack OK? I thought I read about some sort of adapter is needed. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse, but I've never done this before. I've changed plenty of tires, but it's been a while, and never a BMW.

Anyway, I'm going to go with the LM-25 because of the run flats and wheel set with TPMS pre-installed. I guess I can sell the wheels if I don't get another 3 after the lease is up.
you'll need a jack with a low enough saddle height (less than 4"). you can get jack pad adapters, but IMHO they are unnecessary-- if your jack has a rubber pad on the saddle you'll be fine as long as you make sure to center the jack point. a hockey puck works well also.

most bottle jacks and non low profile floor jacks will be too high to get under the lift points unless you drive the car up onto boards to get more clearance.
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