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Originally Posted by izeman View Post
hi all

i did some programming, and of course i did NOT read all the doc and manuals real men just don't read manuals ...

i was able to do some coding (enabling sli, digital speedo ...), but i'm not 100% sure what i did change and i maybe changed some values i shouldn't have touched. you know: real men don't do backups

so i wanted to start from the very beginning. and do it all with a more methodical and revertible approach.

afaik you can code the original setting. so what i did was:

open e-sys
read vehicle order
activate fa
right click SVT -> read coding
click on the ECU itself - NOT the CAFD_****
click on CODE
did this with all ECUs i played with

so everything is back to how i received the car. all new features are gone, and the car looks like original.

is it? could anyone confirm that i did it right?

regards izeman
Yes, but just to clarify, what you are doing is VO Coding, so the FA (VO) you use, in this case one read from the car, is what the ECU will be coded by. So if the FA in the car is factory orihginal, then yes, you will get factory deafult ECU settings. If the FA in your car has been modified, well, then you will get something else based on the modiffied FA.

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