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Originally Posted by Spagolli94 View Post
Is tax included in your $539, or is it $539 plus tax? I'm considering a 2013 and with I build the car on the BMW website, the MSRP is around $50k, so I'm hoping I can find a similar deal to you. Did you buy the car off the lot, or did you order it? Does that even make a difference in the deal you can get? I've always thought that dealers will offer better prices for cars they have on the lot, in an attempt to move inventory. Is this true?
They paid the tax, I pay $539 all-in.

I ordered it as these elements aren't common: Mineral Grey w/Saddle, Rear Camera, PDC. If I wanted to compromise on the color and/or take the full Driver Assist package I might have had better luck but I was looking for my car in July when inventory was at its lowest and they were transitioning to the 2013's of which I have one of the first in the country.

It can make a difference, especially now towards the end of the month. They want to move cars they already have as opposed to intercepting one of their allocations and converting it to what you want. It's all about timing, finding the right dealer who has different objectives. At a near $50,000 build you're in good shape- they wouldn't want to re-allocate a stripper on the production line when they have so many on the lots. They're saving their allocations for bigger spenders like you.

What works in your favor is that we're just at the window where an order from Germany placed now will arrive on the east coast just before Christmas, just before year-end. So while the salesman will try to twist your arm to take a car now so he can make his October month-end, getting you committed to a car for year-end is a close second-best.

As stated in my earlier post, during the summer BMW was offering heavy incentives and they were a bit more desperate to turn numbers around. Today, business is up again, the F30 is in high demand, you may not get as good a deal as I did. They wanted my business so badly they pulled me ahead three lease payments, they gave me a $1000 test drive discount, they gave me a $300 app discount, they took care of me on the lease turn-in, the works.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to find the right dealer. I've got 2 dealers 20 minutes apart. On the exact same build, Dealer 1 had me at $705 and Dealer 2 had me at $539. No joke. The approaches of the two dealerships are worlds apart even though they are only 11 miles away from each other. You have to shop multiple dealers with the identical build, tell them exactly what you want, let the right dealer come to you.


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