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So, there are no mechanical differences between the X1 and the 328i? Is the X1 in any way mechanically inferior to the 328i? The interior design and quality doesn't look any less expensive on the X1. And, how is the X1 based on the old 328i body? I know the 128i is, but the 128i also has the old I6 engine that was standard on the previous model 328i. The X1, on the other hand, has the same 2.0T engine that is used by the current F25 328i.

I still can't fully understand why the price of the X1 is so much lower than the 328i. Even when you account for the differences in standard features, the price is still over $4500 less. I just don't see BMW execs willing to toss out such a profit margin without a fight. They must have told their engineers to cut and try to cut everything possible to trim the fat, so to speak. Maybe use inferior suspension components, etc..

I honestly hope I am wrong, because I really love the X1, particularly when I can get 4-wheel drive, Navi, and a backup camera for less than a standard 328i. I just can't grasp why 2 cars that are about the same size, with apparently the same engine, transmission and mechanical components, have a relatively substantial cost disparity. They are both made by the same manufacturer. And, the X1 is actually heavier, meaning it uses more material, thereby increasing the cost for BMW. If the X1 was made by, lets says, Hyundai, I would understand the disparity, but its not.
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