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well, ive had the car for three or four weeks in 100% drivable condition, and all road legal.
ony have four issues to sort out on the car now!:

- have hooked up the stereo so that great!
- somehow stopped the window wipers from going.
- im considering getting some errors flashed out of the body control module, such as the self leveling suspension and rear fog lights, as those errors keep coming up because they are non existent. i dont even know if this is possible however, this is last on the priority list.
- I don't get front fog error, presumably because the E32 the engine/wiring/modules came from didnt have front foglights. The car does have them however, and i need to run wires for those. technically, the car shouldnt have passed a warrant without them going, but never mind.
- car has also developed an oil leak. not all the gaskets were replaced in the process as they are several hundred a piece for this motor so i thought id take the gamble

anyways, here is some photos for you all! im trailing new host settings on Photobucket, so let me know if you cannot see them and ill change. they are also reasonably high resolution so may take a while to load. They are taken with my iPhone 4S as that is currently the best camera i have. im not a photography guy and nor do i claim to be.

There is also a video i made on the same day as doing these photos, and also some clips of it at the track day i did in this car a few weeks back. The car looks slow in that videos and it is. I either do not believe in stupid speeds on public roads, or im not stupid enough to film and post on YouTube, you decide

Lets get into it:

A few of my E34 and my E30 Daily at my work

Hood on....

and hood off


E30 above Sold

E34 V12 Project Thread Here:
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