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Originally Posted by CABimmerNation View Post
I would love to do the stage 3 exhaust, but I'm so scared of what it will sound like and the dreaded drone...
I know it's a lot to ask, but any chance you could video the exhaust note at start up and video while driving. Maybe nail it a few times while driving with the windows up.
I actually was thinking of doing that anyway and I will in the next few days or so. I will say there is no drone and it's one of the main items on Dinan's website that they advertise as a plus. I know there are no F01's on Youtube with the exhaust running so I wanted to put it up there anyway. The car sounds really good and you won't be disappointed. When you're driving at highway speed you don't hear the exhaust and you hear more of it from outside the cabin under all conditions than inside. That's just the way the car is it's a quiet cabin. There's no other exhaust out there that will be quieter than this and a lot of people may want more than the Dinan offers. I was going to go with a Meisterschaft but at the last minute decided it might be too much for the car being that it is a luxury sedan and it's over 3x the price and I figured while Dinan was doing the stage 2 they might as well do the stage 3 and I would just get their exhaust with 15% off and not worry about any warranty items that could arise in the future. Remember Cornerstone now has a bumper to bumper extended warranty that covers the car and Dinan parts for a total of 6 years and unlimited miles. If I didn't have the Dinan exhaust I didn't want anyone to have any excuses that the back pressure or anything else from a different exhaust caused the problem. I own the car so since it's transferable and I plan on keeping the car, this is what influenced my decisions. I keep my cars, I still have my 01 E38 sport because I like it so much I gave it to my son and it has 115k on it and is running like new after I put some work into it and I don't see myself getting rid of it anytime soon.
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