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Originally Posted by heztheone View Post
i'll see if my friend still has the results printed from the dyno test

i do believe there is a gain of 2-3 hp, for a custom built CAI for around 80-100$ (the work in progress one i'm planning right now) i don't think it would hurt my wallet much

1,000$ for custom CAI, + Headers (bimmerbrakes) + Remap, and get gain of around 35 hp, i don't think it is that substantial amount of dough
and it's not just to gain that tenth of a second in quarter-mile (i believe the difference would be more with those upgrades) u'll feel ur car very more responsive and torquy when hitting those twisties
You`re overlooking one important fact....*mods are not cumulative*, IF that Magic CAI promises a 5 HP gain, headers, 15 HP, and a remap, 10 HP, you THINK you`re getting a 30 HP improvement, right ?

Unfortunately *not*....the values for each mod don`t "stack up".... in The Real World, you`d be lucky to get a true 20 HP increase.
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