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Originally Posted by Tex View Post
Be careful drying with a blower as it is very easy to blow fine dust back on the car and then getting swirls and scratches. I use a blower but only for the gaps between panels, the main sections I dry with a drying towel. Also, dawn is very aggressive and tends to "dry" the paint: a good claying process (as mentioned in earlier answers) followed by a good All-In-One or a paint cleanser is the better way.
I watched a claying video and will give it a try, followed by Zaino AIO and then Z5. and then Z8 between full details. When I used the blower last time there was so little water left I barely had to blot. It's so labor saving I'd really like to work it in although....

Originally Posted by crazy4trains View Post
If you are detailing a new new car then you will be really happy with Zaino. I clayed my wife's Optima and followed with Zaino. On new paint it holds up very well.

I dry using a "watering can" technique. Get a watering can with an orifice of about 3/4 inch. You don't want one that simulates a spray head but one continuous stream of water. Fill the watering can with water and start at the top of the car. Pour enough water out of the watering can to create a solid sheet of water over the entire horizontal surface. You may have to move side to side somewhat. Work your way down the panel from high to low. You should be left with very little water on the body panel and therefore very little water to remove during your drying process.

You can youtube this also. Some people use their water hose. I'm too lazy to remove my spray nozzle from my hose. Two fills of my average size watering can allows me to do one car.

Also, don't be afraid of the claying process. It is very simple and surprisingly quick. Just be sure to use plenty of spray lubricant.
The watering can method sounds interesting. What do you guys think about doing the watering can, then blowing out the seams and then blotting anything that produces. That way I'd be getting the water out of the seams while doing most of the drying without associated scratching....
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