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Since yours is a European model... what are the last 7 of your VIN? Maybe I can look up the correct Modules

Yours isn't a 3.0 is it? It seems it might list it as a 4.4i?

If I am correct your last 7 are LN85671 which lists your vehicle as an E53 X5 4.4i, Born 12/2001 (M62) Engine

Found this....
01 Basic cotrol unit DME ME7.2/ FLASH 1 09/2000 10/2002

So here you Go!!

#28= Additive Adaption Bank 1 Control Reached
#29= Additive Adaption Bank 2 Control Reached
#114 = Camshaft position Bank 2

It's posible that your Bank 1 & Bank 2 CPS (Cam Positioning Sensors) are going bad?

So yes... Reading the following link is tricky, You must get the right module as you are looking at the wrong one. I sent a msg to EndTuning about your codes and hope for a reply. You also may want to call them since their on your side of the world. But hope to get a response to find out your details in better terms and understandings.


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