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Originally Posted by csa View Post
Here are my responses to those Qs I can answer:

2) People will probably call it dangerous (if you are driving and doing this at the same time), but, with that caveat, it is possible to use the cursor to enter a new destination or find a POI while driving.

3) I don't know about e-mail dictation. I found the voice command thing a little hard to use at the beginning and rarely use it to enter addresses. My most common use for it stop guidance on the NAV. I just didn't take the time to figure out what else it can do.

4) I've never had to pay for traffic after 2 years (knock on wood). The free sat radio ends after a year.

5) Depends on how you drive.
Thanks. The sales guy was demoing the text to speech capability of the system via an email it was reading out loud from his cel, and it was hillarious to listen to the computer try to parse out the words. Didn't sound English much of the time. I probably will stick to the basics of the system as well.

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