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Originally Posted by 650 Ryder View Post
Interesting the Lexus boards and read about your ass whoopin' . I'm sure he's telling his kill story over a nice cigar...............Phil
I can definately see the cigar! I actually checked the SC board over on club Lexus earlier, but so far he hasn't posted. I love your M3 by the way.

Originally Posted by dalekressin View Post
I think the phenomenon you experienced is sorta a form of road rage for power. The breif moment of victory I suppose.
I was in my M3 tonight and a ford fucus tried to prevent me from entering the freeway from an on ramp.
The M mode worked well.

When I drive my GT-R lots of vehicles want to run. It's a joke. Lot's of cars seem fast as they pound the pedal forward, but they really are not.
That's the funny thing. I get challenged by cars all the time that have no chance. It's usually either Nissan Maximas or massive diesel trucks. Nissan has really done a great job of marketing the new Maxima as a sports car.

I can't imagine the attention you get in your GTR. Those beasts are just daring anyone to try!

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