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Originally Posted by Db750 View Post
...but I didn't know we were racing!

Tonight I was driving around down town minding my own business. I had the radio off and I was enjoyoing the sound of my exhaust bouncing off the various buildings.

About 100 yards ahead the light is red. This is a one way road with three lanes. In the right lane is a minivan, and in the middle lane is a "lovely" Lexus cabriolet. The top is down and an older, well dressed gentleman is alone behind the wheel. I switch from the center lane to the left most lane.

As I coasted up behind the SC in first gear around 5mph the light turned green. I had briefly considered having a bit of fun with the guy, but he didn't look like he fit in that "fast and furious" demographic. Ahead was an area I love to drive through with the windows down. It is surrounded by tall buildings on both sides and there are multiple pedways overhead; simply put the exhaust sounds godly.

Well, apparently Mr. Lexus had spotted me in his rearview mirror. He immediately gunned it and blew past me as I made my way through first gear. Going through second gear at maybe half throttle he was able to put about a car length on me in his peppy little thingy. As I shifted into third I hit the gas a bit more and pulled up nearly along side him. I was about to smile and give him a thumbs up (out of pity), but before I could he smirked, looked over his shoulder over the boot of his uber-dated cabriolet and said, "almost"!

I'm usually quick to come back, but my jaw literally dropped. As he darted over to the right lane and put on his turn signal I was barely able to mutter the word "really" which I doubt he heard. He really thought he killed an M6!

He slowed to a near stop as he was turning right. I blew past him, downshifting from third to second at about 50 mph. The exhaust barked at him, but I don't think it mattered. He still had that smug look on his face as he turned out of view.

Somewhere out there is a happy Lexus owner. If you are reading this; I will find you. Mark my words, asshole.

Anyone else had this happen?
Does not seem unusual to me. In my experience Japanese cars often pass me in leaving a traffic light. I think they push a little harder. I chuckle.
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