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DIS or EASY DIS is far superior. Its a little harder to setup at first, but there are many online forums (and videos on youtube) describing the exact steps that you need to take. Once installed, it stays installed.

The diagnostic connectors etc can be purchased off ebay for between $50-$150. References to which work and which don't are also found on those other forums.

It would be a good idea to get a car charger for your laptop as well.

And you need to check if your modern USB-port-only laptop can function with the diagnostic connectors. They may not, without the use of adaptors. Again, there are forums and threads on this in detail.

Actually, I have a link :

It seems mindboggling but if you are patient, it will become clear. The key thing about easy dis is that it was originally built to run on a Unix machine. So, if you are using a windows or mac laptop, you'll need to first create an artificial unix environment, and then install dis into that environment. It sounds confusing but its not when they explain the big picture to you (which many online forums don't, hence my exhortation to your patience).

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