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Going through the FSU posts now.

I just went to autozone and had the battery load tested and its tested 100% so the battery is fine and just being depleted overnight or long periods of sitting I guess.

I do have one weird observation though ... While driving home from autozone I accelerated and it went into Engine Failsafe Prog again, like yesterday. Didn't notice any reduction in performance so I drove the 5 or so miles back home. When I put it in Park the tach went up to about 1250 RPMs and stayed steady. I put it in Drive, tach went down to normal, I put it in reverse and its at normal level but when I put it in neutral it goes back up to 1250 RPMs.

Turned it off and went back inside wondering what the hell could be causing this.

Any other words of wisdom before I call the Indy?

Thanks for the info so far guys, would be in a shear panic if it wasn't for the forum
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