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Hi all,

I currently have a 2004 330i ZHP that I will most likely be parting ways with soon (original owner wants to buy it back and I am ready to sell). Looking for some input on my next car.

I am looking and the E90 M3 has currently piqued my interest. I will most likely be leasing my next car for various reasons, so I will probably only have it for 3 years.

This would be my daily driver as well as my weekend car, very minimal mods and probably only a handful of track/event days through the year. Prior to my E46 ZHP, all of my cars have been 300++ HP and decently modded...I have the itch for the extra power again, but probably don't have the time to mod right now.

So, my questions:

1. Is there a particular year of the E90s that are better or worse than others?

2. Should I even be considering any other cars in that same price range/style/performance? It seems that the E90 M3 has pretty glowing reviews on being a very balanced car...great for daily, long trips and the occasional track day. I don't want an ISF and I may entertain the idea of test driving an S5...

3. Anything else I should be aware of when looking at the E90 M3? I haven't been keeping up on the auto world as much as I used to, but I am ready to start getting back into it!

I am off to read up on some threads here, figure out common issues/gripes, etc...

Thanks in advance

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