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An Intricate Misfire.


I'm hoping someone can help me with my problem.
I have a pretty intricate misfire going on. It's very random.

This is something that has been happening with my car for quite a few months now.
At first, it was very, very subtle. Now, it happens almost every time I accelerate heavily.
Half the time I can get it to do it on command. Other times, it doesn't feel like doing it.

So, here's when it occurs...
We'll say we're riding in 4th gear. If you ease into the throttle by pushing the pedal down gradually to the point where it wants to shift (but doesn't just yet), the car will start jerking back and forth. It does it pretty badly if you hold the throttle to the point right below where it wants to shift. However, it also just...acts up when it wants to anyway.

Like I said -- it happens sporadically.
Another thing to note...only 1/100 times will it throw the SES light.

I was on my way to school one day. It was acting up pretty bad to begin with. Usually when it starts acting up, I just get off of the throttle and then get right back on it. Well, I wanted the car to throw a code so I could find out if it actually was a misfire.
So, I held it at the shift point. It was riding like hell, and then it finally threw on the SES light. After that light came on, all hell broke loose and it felt like I was driving with one cylinder.

So, I got to school and put the scanner on it. Said cyl6 misfire.

Not so sure I'm convinced that it's an injector or coil.
If you want to see my reasoning on that, you can read this:
But, there's always the chance that I'm wrong.

Any input is much appreciated.
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