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I can clean your fuel injectors. Just pay for shipping and the fluid

I can clean your fuel injectors. Just pay for shipping and the fluid
I'm thinking about offering a service for the guys/girls on some forums i enjoy.
It's *Free Injector Cleaning and Testing.

I've been working for Bosch than Volvo and BMW in Europe, but my love for those cars is pretty much gone and I've been a Mercedes Enthusiast for a while.
I remember the difference a clean injector makes in the way the car runs and how often i used to see them in poor condition.

In case you have a faulty injector, i have a bunch of spare ones (Mercedes and BMW cars of late 80s to late 90s) i kept through the years and could sell those at half the market price for used units.

This is WHY: R3VLimited Forums - View Single Post - I can clean your fuel injectors. Just pay for shipping and the fluid

Here's How I bring them back to life

1. Initial Visual Inspection - Check the injectors for signs of physical damage.
2. External Degrease Soak - Soak them in a degreaser solution
3.External cleaning - Brush off the loosened grime from the injectors
4: De-filtering - Remove the old filters in preparation for ultrasonic cleaning.
5. Ultrasonic cleaning - The Injectors are soaked in Degreaser and Left pulsating in the Ultrasound Bath
6. Purge the injectors - Install the injectors on the Fuel rail and spray into a container to ensure none of the fluid we use in the ultrasonic cleaner gets put into the calibration fluid.
7. Initial flow - Flow through the machine checking for spray pattern and any signs of malfunction.
8. Filter Basket installation - Install the new filter basket.
9. Reassemble - Using all new applicable parts (O-rings, spacers, pintle caps)

I'm in Southern California by the way. About 1 hour from

I can do 2 kits a day or 3-4 on a weekend.
So the turnaround should be 24-48 hours

So for a kit of 8 I spend 25$ + shipping about 6$
I use
Odorless Degreaser @ 17$/gallon
Repair Kit @ 1$/Injector.
USPS Flat rate priority mail 6.10$

I'm not doing this as a business, i just like working on cars in my spare time. (But of course will take donations)

You can include a set of filters and o-rings with the package if you have a specific brand you like. And I won't charge you the 1 $/Injector

If you care to see how specific injectors were performing, you need to mark each of them with the Cylinder number and i will make sure i keep those numbers for your record.

Please note you forum nickname on the package to help me keep track of communication

This is a nice article on how to remove your injectors with pictures. Applicable for the E36 engines but process is similar on most of the cars
Pelican Technical Article: BMW 3-Series E36 Injector Replacement

Here's the process similar to what I do. (i have nothing to do with the company advertised in the video or the original uploader of that video)

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