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Originally Posted by Hemorrhage View Post
After trying everything that I did...the only thing I could think of would be a bad O2 sensor.
That, and maybe a clogged cat. Does that sound plausible?

I don't know...I'm still an apprentice technician going through school.

The car is under warranty. I WOULD just take it to BMW, but the idiots won't give me a loaner because I'm not 21. I guess people under 21 shouldn't take their car in for repairs.
Clogged cat is very unlikely, but could result from continued driving with a bad miss. There are ways for the computer to pick up on potential major damage and will throw an immediate blinking CEL. So far you're good.
You need to take it to BMW if it's on warranty. This could easily turn into a $500 to $1500 repair bill otherwise. And it's not going to be something you can handle on your own anyway. Sorry kid, the thing is just too complex and sometimes you gotta know when to fold 'em. These types of problems take an L1 diagnostician (the best of the best) and a whole lot of experience to figure out.
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