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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
re: Coked intake valves - not effective, especially for just a few seconds.

Can DIY - do you want to?

Forums say: Coked valves often occur ~60,000 mi

Most say it's a PCV carryover problem - Google can fill you in.

What codes are thrown?
After taking the JB4 out of my car (this is assuming you read the thread I linked), I bought a Bavarian Tech cable. My car was kind of running like **** even with the JB4 out, so I eventually just checked every code that was stored.

I had codes coming out of every orifice...
Codes from the transfer case.
The transmission.
The engine.

Thinking it would be like all of the other times (where I would just delete the misfire code and the car would run like normal), I just deleted them. The car ran like normal after that.

I bring this up, because maybe those codes play a roll in what's happening now.
I did take a picture of each code before I deleted them. However, those are on my old phone, which doesn't have a charger.

However, ever since then, the only code I've gotten was a cyl6 misfire.

Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
Clogged cat is very unlikely, but could result from continued driving with a bad miss. There are ways for the computer to pick up on potential major damage and will throw an immediate blinking CEL. So far you're good.
You need to take it to BMW if it's on warranty. This could easily turn into a $500 to $1500 repair bill otherwise. And it's not going to be something you can handle on your own anyway. Sorry kid, the thing is just too complex and sometimes you gotta know when to fold 'em. These types of problems take an L1 diagnostician (the best of the best) and a whole lot of experience to figure out.

I want to take it to BMW. But, I can't go without a car.

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