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Just got a reply back from EndTuning.

This is the table to use- 7.2

You've got two lambda sensors reporting the air fuel mix is out of range,
and the reason would be the camshaft sensor on bank 2.
I don't have any details for the ZKE, and the aircon unit could a couple of
things, like the blower motor, battery voltage and maybe others.


Enda Ward

Looks like I was on the right track, However his link doesn't work, but is the same I posted above.

From the looks of it, the #114 sensor needs to be replaced, and as for #28 & 29 - Sounds like a MAF sensor or a vacuum leak? Sounds like there is a air and fuel mixture issue.
#28= Additive Adaption Bank 1 Control Reached
#29= Additive Adaption Bank 1 Control Reached = Still hunting down more detail of issue.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#114 = Camshaft position Bank 2

This is the Correct Link
01 Basic cotrol unit DME ME7.2/ FLASH 1 09/2000 10/2002



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