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Hi Tony,

Don't forget that the #114 issue is separate from #28 & 29 and due to it's meaning and origin faults to a Cam sensor in bank 2. And from what I read on other posts points in that direction.

As far as our assumption of a Vacuum issue... I would agree.

Those two error codes means that the adaptive system has tried as hard as it can to get the fuel/air mixture right but has failed miserably. This is because there is something else influencing the mixture that cannot be trimmed out. The most likely thing is the PCV valve or the MAF. The Idle-Speed control Valve will be the same problem, it cannot trim the air supply sufficiently, probably because of an air-leak.

Your guess is as good as mine.

As for the 160 code... could be a faulty O2, however if there is a vacuum or insufficient fuel and air mixture, this could be a faulty code directly linked to the Vacuum and fuel/air issue after the fact. To find a possible vacuum leak, use WD40 with small amounts in certain suspected areas.

Out of curiosity... and without checking into it yet (Which I will when I get back) Do you have a DISA unit on your vehicle? It would be located adjacent to the Intake.

Hope to get this solved.


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