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Another mistake I made (of many) was to not realize that this ribbed black plastic spring-tension adjuster might be a critical component in loosening cable tension!
You are right. It IS critical to loosening and tensioning!

I should at least have marked the initial location of the black plastic large spring stop, so that I would know how much to push it back into the motor when I put it back.
Here is that black plastic ribbed spring stop, almost pulled out:
No need to do this, that thing is self adjusting, self tensioning!

OK, this was 5 years and 2 months ago, so I might not remember everything I did so this is to my best recollections. (Damn camera battery!).

IIRC, the black rigged piece works counter intuitive. The spring pushes it out. When the spring pushes out, the tension increases on the cable.

Also, the black piece works like a ratchet. Once it is pushed out one ridge by the spring, you can not push it back in. Or is it the other way around? I don't remember which way the ratchet works, but I do remember that it is a ratchet.

So the trick was to hold the spring compressed as much as I could, then put everything in its place, and then release it to create the tension. The tension is not adjustable, the spring creates the tension and there is nothing you can do.

I hold the spring compressed so that I have some play with the cable, so that I could put all the parts and the cable in its place, I used a kitchen fork. Stick the fork in the spring and push it against the metal housing. I had to bend one of the middle fingers of the fork to allow it to go around the black piece.

To my best recollection, I put the cable around the rollers, then compressed the spring, and only then pushed the spiral wheel into its housing.
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