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Is this correct yet?
Push the black plastic ribbed post into the motor ==> decreases cable tension?
Pull the black plastic ribbed post out of the motor ==> increases cable tension?
Yes. This is correct.

My gut feeling is that the post "is" the tensioning mechanism, somehow ... but I'm not exactly sure how. Either that, or it's just for assembly purposes.
Not maybe. I am telling you that this is the tensioning mechanism.

I just don't remember exactly how exactly it behaves when assembling because it has been such a long time.

But, I just wanted to verify something and it seems that I was correct in my memory. Look at the ribs, that's a ratchet. If I can see correctly in your picture, the ribs are angled in such a way, so that the piece will be able to more easily outside, and will be harder to move back in. The ribs shape like an arrow. Can you see that?

That's why I said that once it moves out one rib, it can not move back. The spring and the angle of the rib prevent it from moving in. And that is the self adjusting mechanism. It keeps the cable tight on the rollers. You can't lock it in place. It is designed that the spring gives it the desired tension, and if and when the cable loosen up in time, the spring moves the black piece out a rib, and keeps the tension.
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