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Originally Posted by kmbaczynski View Post
Picked up my 325i last weekend, great car. It's got the Steptronic transmission.

I've done a little bit of searching on this problem and there seem to be conflicting answers.

When I take my foot off the brake of my car it jerks forward and seems to really want to go, and when I stop I'm really having some difficulty doing it smoothly.

I've seen people say that something needs to be reprogrammed? Taking it in to an indy shop down the street next weekend for an oil change so if I can get that done at the same time if it needs to be changed.

I've also seen people indicate that the stock pads are really "sticky" (what? isn't that what they're supposed to do). Or that there may be a problem in the differential.

Any advice? Thanks!
I have a feeling that you're brake booster valve needs replacing. It's such a small annoying thing that causes so many random issues with the car. Also have a look at using a gasket sealer to seal the new one properly, it's pretty much faulty brand new in terms of keeping pressure on a lot of cars.
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