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Originally Posted by sausewind View Post
@ capnmorganxx: Thx for this informative pictures.

Do anybody know the BMW-part-nr or TYCO-nr of the 2-pin power-connector on amplifier ?

Amplifiers before 09/2009 where powered via pin 10/20 of the 20-pin-connector and from 09/2009 with this 2-pin power-connector as load-part and for the logic-part on the small pin 1 in the FO-Housing.
BR sausewind
The Premium OEM amp with the separate 12V/ground connections (from the standard 20-pin) changed the topology of the outputs voltage in a way that makes the standard signal sensing circuits remote trigger unreliable when those outputs are tapped.

So it is useless to tap those outputs so a signal sensing circuit generate a remote turn on signal. It will not do it most of the time unless the volume is cranked up beyond acceptable.

The Logic7 harness/LOC still will convert the woofer level outputs to low level, but the remote turn on signal will have to be tapped from another source -pin 13 in the back of the iDrive unit or the thin black wire located behind the right corner of the rear seat cushion, for example.

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