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Originally Posted by Db750 View Post
...but I didn't know we were racing!

Tonight I was driving around down town minding my own business. I had the radio off and I was enjoyoing the sound of my exhaust bouncing off the various buildings.

About 100 yards ahead the light is red. This is a one way road with three lanes. In the right lane is a minivan, and in the middle lane is a "lovely" Lexus cabriolet. The top is down and an older, well dressed gentleman is alone behind the wheel. I switch from the center lane to the left most lane.

As I coasted up behind the SC in first gear around 5mph the light turned green. I had briefly considered having a bit of fun with the guy, but he didn't look like he fit in that "fast and furious" demographic. Ahead was an area I love to drive through with the windows down. It is surrounded by tall buildings on both sides and there are multiple pedways overhead; simply put the exhaust sounds godly.

Well, apparently Mr. Lexus had spotted me in his rearview mirror. He immediately gunned it and blew past me as I made my way through first gear. Going through second gear at maybe half throttle he was able to put about a car length on me in his peppy little thingy. As I shifted into third I hit the gas a bit more and pulled up nearly along side him. I was about to smile and give him a thumbs up (out of pity), but before I could he smirked, looked over his shoulder over the boot of his uber-dated cabriolet and said, "almost"!

I'm usually quick to come back, but my jaw literally dropped. As he darted over to the right lane and put on his turn signal I was barely able to mutter the word "really" which I doubt he heard. He really thought he killed an M6!

He slowed to a near stop as he was turning right. I blew past him, downshifting from third to second at about 50 mph. The exhaust barked at him, but I don't think it mattered. He still had that smug look on his face as he turned out of view.

Somewhere out there is a happy Lexus owner. If you are reading this; I will find you. Mark my words, asshole.

Anyone else had this happen?
In Lexington...? All the time... With my 1997 GMC Jimmy... Not kidding...

Honestly, I don't know what it is around here; people just drive like that all the time. They're seemingly in no hurry until they think you're about to get ahead of them, then they'll drive 100 mph just to keep you from beating them to the next intersection. Then as soon as they're satisfied that they're impeding your progress, they slow back down to 10 mph under the speed limit. Go figure...

In fact, just a few days ago, I had some jag-off in a POS rice-burner occupying the right-hand lane actually speed up in an attempt to prevent me from merging onto I-64E. When I put the spurs into the ol' Jimmy and moved into the lane from the on-ramp anyway, he grudgingly (well, I'll admit, I didn't give him a lot of choice -- he was practically on my rear bumper) slid over into the empty middle lane on the interstate. The rhetorical question that immediately popped into my head: "Well, if there was space for you to move into the middle lane when I 'nudged' you into it, why didn't you just do that in the first place -- instead of speeding up -- when you saw me coming down the on-ramp with my turn signal on...?" Within a minute, I was cruising at 70-75 mph and he'd fallen back behind me so far that I could barely see him in my rearview mirror -- which told me he wasn't in any particular hurry; he was just deliberately trying to prevent me from merging onto the highway in front of him.

Originally Posted by Db750 View Post
... That's the funny thing. I get challenged by cars all the time that have no chance. It's usually either Nissan Maximas or massive diesel trucks...
Puts me in mind of a similar encounter I had in Georgetown, TX a few years ago while driving my C5 convertible. I was on Texas SR-29 eastbound, just coming up to the interchange for I-35. Sitting at a light, I was fumbling for something in the passenger compartment, and heard a very loud engine rev from behind me. I glanced up in my rearview mirror only to see headlights and a grill -- all attached to one of those ridiculously-lifted, diesel-powered pickups. He revved his engine again in challenge. Somewhat annoyed, I merely accelerated normally (perhaps a bit spiritedly from his perspective) away from the light to the next intersection (it's a state law in Texas that every traffic light has to work against the previous light so traffic is impeded ), which was at the overpass at I-35. Mr. Pick-up was on my back bumper the entire way. Waiting again at the light, he once again began revving his engine. "This idiot really does want to race," I thought to myself.

The next plan for me was to turn left onto the access road on the other side of the overpass and merge onto I-35N. Now, my mamma didn't raise a fool; I know that some of these heavily-modified, diesel-powered pick-ups can put out some serious horsepower and torque. But they just can't engineer out physics in those things; their center-of-gravity is about 5-6 feet in the air... And my C5 has the Z51 suspension package... So I said to myself: "Hmm. I think I will give him a race -- and I'll ensure victory by exploiting the most obvious flaw in his vehicle..."

The light turned green, I gunned it all the way into the turn lane (~100 feet straight ahead from the light), and Mr. Pick-up bit hook, line, and sinker: he came charging after me without even seeing what was coming next...

I didn't even touch the brakes as I easily threw my C5 around the 90-degree turn from the overpass to the access road. Mr. Pick-up tried to follow. As I was accelerating my way along the access road toward the on-ramp for I-35N, I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw him desperately trying to negotiate that turn without either wrapping his monster truck around the light post or tipping it onto its side...

All too easy...

Sweet M6, by the way! I've toyed with getting one of the "M" cars, either an E46 M3, an E39 M5, or the E63 M6, but can't seem to settle on one or the other. Plus I don't have the garage space at the moment... But it's still fun to dream!

X3 w/6-speed & Sport Package:
A sports sedan disguised as an SUV...

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