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Originally Posted by aleks001 View Post
I have a feeling that you're brake booster valve needs replacing. It's such a small annoying thing that causes so many random issues with the car. Also have a look at using a gasket sealer to seal the new one properly, it's pretty much faulty brand new in terms of keeping pressure on a lot of cars.
Thanks for your response. I feel like the brake pedal would be hard if this was the issue. While it's certainly much harder than my old Grand Prix, it doesn't feel any harder than other cars I've driven. This is provided you're talking about the check valve, not a different one. Might throw a vacuum code too???

Originally Posted by dallas70 View Post
If it makes you feel any better, I bought my 325i almost 4 yrs ago as a CPO w/23k miles on it and it has always done what you describe (definitely just a brake pad issue; not differential or brake booster). The brakes are "sticky" just as I come to that last couple of inches to stop or take off from a stop, making it difficult to be completely smooth. I mentioned it to the service guys the first time I took it in for service and was told they're working as designed. I'm still on the original front pads w/about 60k miles and just changed the rear pads and flushed the brake fluid several weeks ago; no difference in braking (changed the fluid a couple of years ago also with no noted performance difference). Great brakes so I can deal with the minor stickiness at a stop. I may consider switching to different front pads (non-OEM) when they're due as you'll find some great recommendations here, but I've been satisfied with the performance.

A longwinded response but in a nutshell - I wouldn't worry about it.

BTW, I've driven a couple of newer 3's as loaners over the years - slightly less brake stickiness than mine but very little difference. It's a design thing. Search the forum for good pad recommendations.
Thanks for your response. This does put my mind at ease a bit; I haven't driven another 3 before but 5's and 6's and they behave rather differently it seems. The OEM brakes do seem stellar so I probably wouldn't look for aftermarket ones; it's just unexpected. I'm coming from a car that's got +120HP/lbft torque and so it's a little strange so have the 325i "launch" itself when I take my foot off the brake.
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