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I'm shocked the conversation has continued after the OP stated the car was found to have a BHG and warped head.
I understand everyone's point.
Personally I feel the sameway as snowsled.
"If you have a pimple on your nose. You don't cut off your nose to get rid of it. You pop the pimple."
Meaning if my car had an issue. I'd repair the issue not overhaul the entire system unless deemed absolutely necessary.

Bobby is right as well. You have to anticipate spending some coin on these cars once you buy one.
But that should usually be within your spectrum of mechanical experience.
Meaning never buy e34 or any vehicle with out taking into consideration what you have to put in it money wise, time, and you mechanical ability to get it right.

That said back on subject.

BHG and warped head?!?
Err the m30 head is pretty tough. I can see maybe a BHG.
But the head being warped?!? Second opinion time.
I'd search the forum especially in the regional areas for recommended BMW specific shops in your area.

Well if you decide to repair it good luck.
m30b35 heads are relatively cheap.
If you decide to part out or sell.
I'm sure you'll get the support you need here to get it all squared away.

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