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If you guys plan on owning your BMW's for more than a few years - and especially if you own one out of warranty, ISTA/D is definitely something you should be googling. They are dealer tools, available online to those determined enough to spend the time hunting them down. With ISTA/D you can check and test the functions, errors and parameters of each module in your car. It's pretty amazing - the other night I did a dynamic drive test and the car started rocking around back and forth. I was even able to program a key to my car last night despite the dealer telling me I 'need' to pay them to do it.

Injector calibration is exactly as it sounds - primarily this feature is reserved for replacement of a single or multiple injectors, it is essentially a way for the car to determine the flow rate of each injector and balance fuel delivery with injector timing.

Adjusting the idle up, again - translated literally. I raised the idle because I felt it was too low. You can make adjustments in any direction in increments of 10rpm up to a maximum of 150rpm per session.

If you run a tune this set of software is really useful because you can delete any trace of 'tuner codes' before sending your car in for service.

The software is free but you'll need an emulator to make it work properly (called ICOM emulator, not free) - and can run either in VMWorkstation or native install HDD's can be found on eBay. Run a search, if you trust your computer skills you'll be happy you now know about this.

Check out ebay or the BMW coding forums for more details.

*i am not a seller of this software nor am I affiliated with any sellers of BMW software. I just use it and thought it worth talking about since it is so insanely useful.

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