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No worries. We all can not upload attachment at the moment. They are upgrading our servers during the whole weekend. You missed the "Announcement" at the top of the forum.

Bimmerfest Servers Being Upgraded this Weekend (Potential Downtime)

We will be upgrading the servers that run over this weekend to provide a better browsing experience. The biggest interruption will be attachments being shut off during the transition phase but should be back on within 24-48 hours of the move. There will also be a few software updates that may cause you to get a message that the site is not available right now. These will be happening during off peak hours and should be held to a minimum.

The IP address of the site is changing and may be cached by your browser or computer. If you have any trouble accessing the site, try closing your browser and restarting it. If that does not work, you can try restarting your computer.

We look forward to having this upgrades in place and providing a more speedy browsing experience.

Thank you for bearing with us!

-- The Bimmerfest Team
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