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Does 2010 M6 Vert Have Double Clutch SMG?

I am interested in a 2010 M6 Convertible with 22K miles on it. Test drove it today with the wife and we both loved it.

The car had oodles of positives, especially that freaking awesome exhaust note. But it had two negatives: a) small trunk, and b) the SMG transmission seemed slow. That is, when it shifted, there was a noticeable loss in power (at least it felt that way) until the shift was complete (and it seemed slow, much slower than I expected).

So I can see for day-to-day driving, this might become annoying. I currently drive a 2008 535xi automatic and it shifts really smooth.

Was the double-clutch SMG an option for 2010 and so perhaps this car doesn't have it? Or, is there anything I can do or settings on the car I can use to make the transmission shift faster? I can go back in for another test drive to check these things out.


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