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No, this gen M6 only came with single-clutch SMG (or 6-speed MT). The SMG takes getting used to, but can be satisfying once you understand what is going on. I came from a 545i with 6MT, so as long as you look at the M6 as a single-clutch manual tranny, you will understand that it releases power when the clutch is pushed in and then re-applies power with the clutch is let out, just like you would do with your own clutch pedal. Now, this is the part that is somewhat confusing, but the shifting speed is primarily dependent on the throttle position: light throttle->slower shifts, deep into the throttle->faster shifts, regardless of car speed. The throttle position is the key factor. You can control the shift speed somewhat with the settings 1 to 5 (6), but still the throttle is the main factor. It will never shift as smoothly as an auto or a dual-clutch, but that was the design decision from the M engineers.
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