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I think it's a spark related miss, the wires look pretty bad. Of course no one had the wires. Oh well they'll be here Wednesday.

Did a lot if work on it the past few days. Replaced almost all the exterior bulbs as most weren't working and the turn signals were acting up. All better now.

Ran some seafoam through it too. I need to do it again and put some in the fuel and oil again. It actually didn't smoke much.

Hooked up the window switches, they had the control wires for the motors themselves, but no power or ground, odd. They work great now!

Then did some hobo floor repair. Cut out the worst rust, then cut and screwed down an old real estate sign.

I finished it up by covering it all up underneath with fiberglass. Later I'll undercoat the top, then the bottom after I sand the fiberglass.

Then I gave the engine bay and under the engine a quick clean. I'm trying to locate my oil leak. I think the majority is the valve cover gasket so I'll have to put one on order.

Pictures will be up soon.

Didn't have as many pictures as I thought lol, I'll have to take some more.

Nasty floor



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