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Originally Posted by fun2drive View Post
As an attempt to get this thread back on topic

Lifetime fluids is another divigent point between BMW and independents. BMW used to state lifetime fluilds for
Automatic transmissions but now states 100k mi
Changes. Why? Because they failed and BMW has to compete with Lexus etc and their schedules are
Much different. ZF manufacturer of many automatic tramsmissions has recommended 50k mi changes vs BMW now saying 100k mi changes. I side with the manufacturer of the tramsmission not BMW in this case and if I spend too much for maintenance for peace of mind so be it...
Lets forget at OCIs..beat to death. 10k or 15k, who cares?

But I would be interested to hear knowledgeable opionons on ATF changes (which eliminates the need for replies from any moron saying we need to have 'evidence of benefits' before considering something other than BMWs recommendations)

I find it interesting that BMW puts the ATF change past the end of the CPO warranty (for all practical purposes)...and when you roll in to any dealer with 99,999 miles they will say "look, you dont want to mess with that, it can stir up stuff that can cause the tranny to fail".

My position is that fluids degrade- wear products contiminate- and fresh fluid and removal of crud (at say 30, 40, 50k intervals) is the best plan.



PS DSX missed the word "prophylactically" when he said 'I would not recommend replacement'..but it was implied and clear to all except one....
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