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NEED HELP!!!! 1994 E34 540 Wont Start

SATURDAY 10/26/2012

Cleaned the MAF with CRC
Cleaned the Idle Control w/carb cleaner
Changed the fuel filters
Checked for leaks. Found a leak at the throttle body intake. Temporary fix using gasket sealer around around the mating surface.

Now car starts and idles better, but seems to be in "limp mode" ???
Car accelerates OK, but when I mash the gas, it doesn't throw me back like it used to. I can see the RPM's go up, but no power.

Codes: 1213 and 1221
Also the little triangle type warning light is on.

I get voltage at the MAF terminal from the harness that is correct, but I do not know how to check at the MAF..

Also, why are my resistance numbers at the Idle Air Control Valve higher than what the Bentley Manuals says they should be?

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