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Originally Posted by beewang View Post
Okay... I find this extremely odd... .. Look I know it could be fraustrating to lose (and lose bad today)

and I am not here to defend him... after all, this is the same guy who said "God was on his side.." Implying that we (Oregon Ducks) were the "evil" ones... BUT This is the same guy that got you the National Championship (and beating us.. albeit a close game and a questionable call... but no one cares ..) on his 2nd year!!

This was the SAME guy that was booed by Auburn fans when he landed for the first time and got your the Crystal Ball the next year. He is the same one that is on the ESPN 30 for 30 movie "War Eagle, Roll Tide".

It was 2 short years ago... you couldn't possible want to abandon him after a couple year.. It just not right...

If I am wrong... please tell me what I am missing??!!

I was in this camp at the beginning of the season, and I had no great expectations going into it, given that we had two new coordinators. However, as the season has 'progressed,' the team certainly has not. If anything, quite the opposite.

Offensively, new coordinator, same old questionable play calling. I don't consider myself an X's and O's fan, but I can tell you what plays we're going to run 40% of the time. Mcalleb speed sweep, Frazier for the sack/int/wildly overthrown pass, Wallace for the same, exact, ineffective Wildcat that EVERYONE on the planet has known for the last 4 years is going to be a run, not a pass. Time to stack the box. I've left out Lutznkirchen's play since he's out for the season.

When it was Gus calling the plays, he caught the heat for crap like that, in addition to the much slower tempo than we had in 2010. Now that he's gone, clearly, it MUST be Chizik. Gus is back to his fast pace at Arky State.

Defensively, I had great hopes with Van Gorder, and I am not as down on the defense as I am the offense. It's hard to be effective when you're 90th in the FBS for time of possession, and at least the db's are actually LOOKING for the ball this year. Ted Roof meanwhile, has Penn State 22nd in total defense.

Last season's excuse was that we lost so many upperclassmen, and I get that. Those guys are older and continue to make the same mistakes. There are rumbles that Chizik is not allowing/limiting BVG to play the younger guys who are making plays. BVG allegedly threw Chizik's liason out of a defensive coaches meeting several weeks ago.

This is a ramble, and I apologize.

The team as a whole is rudderless and looks completely unprepared week to week. Chizik has had 3 top 15 recruiting seasons in a row. Lots of other teams are playing just as many underclassmen as we are and are having success.

blah blah blah.

If nothing else, Tubberville was canned in 2008 and had a much more competitive squad.

One of my neighbors was a big time (as in $'s with an M) donator to the program and predicted this would happen when he was hired. He put a plug in the money pipeline when they fired Tubbs.

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