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Originally Posted by edbiology View Post
My X3 has Pirelli tires. Why do same model cars have different brand of tires installed? Could the difference on driving experience be noticeable?

As others have pointed out, BMW produces many cars globally. They cant risk being in a position where the supply of tires is less than the needed amount for the cars they produce. Hence, BMW usually has a minimum spec (the suspension geometry and the tires specs like sidewall firmness etc), that is needed to be met before a supplier can work with BMW. Once they have met spec, BMW will just order tires for say 1000 cars. Depending on cost and availability they will go with that. There supply managers tend to ensure, that they have more than enuff tires on hand, in case there's a recall or some tires are exhibiting poor quality control (aka bubblegate on the first F10s).

You'll find that most tires that posters have listed, are within spec of each other, when comparing like vehicles with like option sets.
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