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Originally Posted by dpritchett View Post
Michael Schumacher announced that he is retiring from F1 driving at the end of the season. He says his batteries are in tie red zone again (and true to his word, he waited unitl October to announce his plans).

The scenario with Schumi has always reminded me of Michael Jordan, great BB player who retired from the Chicago Bulls and then unretired a few years later. When he was playing for Washington he was still good, better than most actually - but the team won no championships and Michael Jordan wasn't the same dominating Michael Jordan he was before.
I'm not into F1, but a driver pretty much have to retire if he can't find a ride. It would be too expensive for a team to let a slow driver with a car? Don't you think he is fortunate to have a car this year? Will he be in Austin November 18th. I can sit anywhere there is an empty seat, excluding the paddock and Bernie Ecclestone's suite. I'll post a lot of pics for you guys.
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