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M6 Initial Experience w/Notes

Hi folks... I'm new to BMW, having been a WRX and Infiniti owner previously, currently driving a Volt for a daily driver, and having been seriously torn concerning a Maserati Grantourismo, Panamera, or Godzilla for this purchase. I thought I would share a few notes concerning my 2013 M6 Coupe (Sakhir orange, FYI), delivery, and initial experience:
  • Almost a whole month from paying for the (showroom) vehicle (9/29) to receiving it (10/26). On the recommendation of my dealer, I ultimately reached out to BMW USA and they appear to have facilitated the oil pump repair. OK, it was unexpected and successfully repaired, so no big deal.
  • Documentation/placard discrepancy: The placard declares the rear sunshade as exactly that, a "sunshade," but the manual calls it a "roller blind" or something similar, making it almost impossible to locate in the index. I finally found the button.
  • Documentation error: The manual calls out "Save name" as the mechanism for recording a caller voice identifier, but that doesn't work. There is no "Save name." Instead, use "Phonebook" -> (name) to call folks.
  • Rattle in the steering column at 70mph on certain freeway textures. Still investigating.
  • Garage remote only works with power on accessory mode or vehicle running... unlike any other car I've had.
  • Double pull unlock/open doors are a bit odd. Unclear what the motivation is for this feature.
Other than that, It's a sweet machine and I've been enjoying the testing/learning cycle as I unravel the features and ground them in everyday experience. I thought I would share these notes to help others who may be perplexed

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