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Originally Posted by kskane View Post
You are the man . Question, apart from resetting INPA was there any other recoding required from $ealership? My local indy has told me if the solenoids are changed, it would need recoding.
Nope, no re-coding. Just reset the transmission adaptations. Technically when ZF builds these transmissions they do flow testing on each solenoid individually and program the computer with that data, so it has the most information possible about that solenoid. However, usually new solenoids are close enough that the range of adjustability that the transmission has is wide enough to make them work just fine. It just may take a week or two of driving for it to figure it all out. There are no serial numbers or anything on the solenoids that the computer can read, so it doesn't really know if they're new ones or anything like that.

Originally Posted by kskane View Post

Also, in your video I could not see how did you remove the sealinng sleeve. If you remove the valve body, do you have to pull the sealing sleeve from outside the transmission body or just disconnecting the wiring harness is enough and the sealing sleeve just comes out along with the valve body.

Sorry, after I stripped that pan bolt I forgot about the video for a bit. Yes, you have to remove the sleeve. It was so cramped up in that area, that I actually couldn't get it completely out of the car--I could only get it out of the transmission then just left it up in the car wherever it was and called it a day.

There's a transmission mount at the rear of the tranny that if I could have removed, I think I could have gotten the sleeve out. I didn't have female star sockets on hand though so I couldn't get it out, but to answer your question, YES it has to come out.
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