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Originally Posted by sfoda764 View Post
No ideas right now, but here are my symptoms/info.

Car has 150K, however BMW replaced tranny at 100K. ZF tranny with life-time fluid and I have not changed it.

A few months ago I noticed when I slowed down to make a turn, and began to accelerate the car would skip/ hesitate/shudder. Later I noticed it would do the same thing when pulling off from a stop. On long trips it appears to act up more and feels more like a tranny slip. This is all intermittent and only happens a small percentage of the time.

I have researched and most suggest checking fluid level. I have the procedure and will try this weekend.

Well, if you are running low on tranny fluid and you don't have a leak, then you would have had this problem right after your transmission was replaced, similar to what the OP experienced. So I don't think that's it.

I suspect that its your clutches....they are getting worn, hence the slippage.

If i've guessed correctly, then the only way to fix that would be through a rebuild. One way to forestall a rebuild and reduce slippage would be to use thickening additives, or to change to a thicker tranny oil entirely.
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