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Originally Posted by lexisbmw540i View Post
Recently purchased 95 BMW 540i with 193,340 miles. Trans operated correctly until performed basic fluid\ filter change. Had pan off over night, refilled with AMS-OIL ATF, 6 qts. Thought was full, fluid perking out fill hole. Drove and found to be slipping in drive. Raised back up and added another 3 qts ATF. Car now will very intermittently slip/shudder when accelerating from stop with light throttle. Under heavy full throttle, car will also intermittently slip from stop. I also noticed problem began to be more prominent when slowing to below 8 MPH then accelerating. Like the GM 4L60E slip bump in the C/K series trucks. I removed pan after initial fill to be sure there were no "metals" in pan or unplugged wires or missing filter O-ring, all was good. The trans goes into fail safe every time except when trans slips/shudders under light throttle. Any one out there have any help or input with this scenario? Thank You.
This is unfortunately a common occurrence. You are not the first person to experience transmission problems in an otherwise normal tranny, right after a fluid change to NEW fluid. Someone should really post a warning about this in the sticky thread on maintenance.

About a year ago, there was a german or Portuguese chap with this same situation. He solved it by changing the oil to either valvoline, havoline or royal purple high mileage transmission oil. I believe it is thicker than regular tranny oil. Perhaps you could give that a go ?

Some say that the oil pump in the tranny is unable to tolerate the thinner fluid, having been deformed by the increasingly thicker old oil thus far. Perhaps that is true, perhaps not. In any case, you might benefit from getting a professional's advice....not that they aren't here, but perhaps a shop that can see and test drive your car directly. You can listen to what they have to say without doing what they recommend right away...come back and let us know your research and we can help you decide the best course forward. This is an problem that we really should solve for everyone's sake (well, at least for the sakes of the members with automatics )

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