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Originally Posted by Greekgod1 View Post
Well the thing is my dad checked it, and that was full, and more bad news, i drove it again and it got almost in the Red hot when i jumped on it and went fast, then i found out more that the heat doesnt work, and the feet heat only works. Not hot at all. But im still confused on how that thing keeps popping up and its full?
It sounds like you have an air bubble in the system. With the car cool and the engine off but the ignition on, you need to set the heat as high as it will go (91 f) and set the blowing speed to about middle. Under the hood, you need to open the coolant bleeding screw and keep it open until you see a steady stream of coolant come out. In the mean time you need to have some 50/50 coolant ready to go to refill the coolant tank as the air comes out of the bleeder. After all this, start the car let it run for about 15 minutes until the car gets warm. Then shut it off, reopen the bleeder and let any remaining air exit, recheck the coolant level and fill it up again.

That should get any air out of the system and fix your problem. Very easy to do and it should only take about 30 minutes. If this doesn't fix it, my next guess would be a coolant sensor, which still isn't a big deal. One thing you might also try is to hook up an OBDII scanner and let it read you coolant temp - depending on how hot your coolant is getting, you might also need a flush.

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